Downloading the "Finding More Information" Bookmark File

We have put the "Finding More Information" bookmark file in two formats: a typical .htm bookmark file for Netscape and other browsers, and a .zip file containing a Favorites system, for Internet Explorer. Here's how to use these files.

Netscape Navigator

1. Click on this link: moreinfo.htm--the bookmark file named moreinfo.htm will be displayed in this window.
2. Save the file to your hard disk (File|Save). You can call it whatever you want. You'll probably want to put it in the same directory as your main bookmark file (bookmark.htm).
3. Open your Bookmark window (Windows|Bookmarks), then select File, Import and choose the file you have just saved. The bookmarks will be imported into your current bookmark system.

Internet Explorer

1. Click on this link: file will be transferred to your computer.
2. Save the file into the Windows\Favorites directory.
3. Unzip the contents into the Windows\Favorites directory. Make sure that you extract using relative file positions, as this file contains a series of folders and Internet Shortcuts within the folders. (Many zip utilities automatically extract using relative positions automatically.)